Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Pottery Barn Poinsettia Pillow

I love Pottery Barn!  I walked in searching for stemware and saw this lovely Poinsettia Pillow.  I didn't want to pay $30 for a 12 in pillow ($60 for two) so I decided to make two.  Sometimes my knock-offs don't go that well, but I was happy with the way this one turned out!
Pottery Barn Poinsettia Pillow

I purchased 1 yard of 100% wool felt (I had a 50% coupon for Jo-Ann fabrics!! Woohoo!).  I used the remaining felt for another project and a yard of linen fabric for the pillow case.  My pillow inserts are 18x18 so I cut 2 20in squares for the "top" and 12X20 and 13X20 for the backs.  The back is a simple envelope style- nothing too fancy.

I cut three different size petals. 5 large, 5 medium and 5 small.  With embroidery thread I stitched by hand a stem seam up the middle.

I positioned the large 5 petals on the 20x20 square (the top side) and stitched with the machine all the way around.  Then I layered the medium petals on top and stitched those on top of the large.  I didn't stitch the top of each medium petal to the linen because I wanted it to stick out a little. 

The final embellishment were the gold jingle bells.  I hand stitched those to the center of the flower. 

Then I sewed the front of the pillow to the two back pieces and voila!  I sewed up two solid red pillows for good measure.  My color scheme for Christmas is cream, gold and red.  Once I get my tree this will really look great!!!


  1. Nice! I have clipped onto

  2. I don't like these flowers (living) but your pillows are adorable:))